Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I don't have Halloween decor to show you, but my cats insist that they, as a species, are associated with Halloween..... Never mind that none of them are actually black (technicalities!).....
Anyway, they wanted to be featured today, so here they are!!
This is our Bowser........ She's 2-1/2. We adopted her from the animal shelter when she was nine weeks old. (yep, she has a boy dog's name, and she's a girl cat -- KIDS!)
This is Isabella Grace. We found her in our woods early this year, she was cold and hungry. We think she's about 1-1/2. (I named her, that's why she has a pretty girl name :)
This is little Peyton. We got him in August from the Humane Society. He was seven months. He's grown a bit since then, but still has a ways to go.

They are my babies, my loves. I cannot imagine not having them in our lives and home. My boys tease me that I will be a "cat lady" in my old age, that I will have a houseful of them someday. Sounds good to me!!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween........ now it's officially the holiday season for me! Christmas decorating, here I come!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I made something with the vintage velvet flowers....
A faded rose tussie mussie or paper cone.......Finished with a vintage pink ornament, some pink tinsel....
some old "chocolate" buttons, vintage crochet trim and lace.......
available now in my Etsy shoppe (SOLD)

Do I ever love Christmas!!!!!!

So what did you all get into today?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

We were out running a few errands yesterday, when I remembered that a little vintage chic shoppe was having a sale. So of course, I had to go in...... and look what I found:
Lots of pretties, including this rose plate; on which the roses are so faded and delicate.......

a bluebird embroidered runner, and some pink vintage millinery flowers.......

an old butterfly pin (with pink rhinestones); a vintage pale blue sheer scarf;

Vintage hat, tin, and pink floral candleholders;

These magnolia candleholders might make it into the shoppe!

OH these flowers on this old hat are wonderful! Pale pink silk and velvet, some edged in brown........ perfect for those pink&chocolate creations!
A productive little stop!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend too!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

My Sis-in-Law stopped by yesterday, and she was commenting how this little box on the dresser in our living room....
had a similar vase of flowers to this oval picture, which hangs on the wall.......
Similar, yes, but not exact. However.....

Today, I received this little vintage picture I had ordered from Berry Lane, and much to my surprise, I realized it's the exact vase of flowers as the little box (first photo)!! I don't know that I would have even noticed this, had my SIL and I not been talking about this just yesterday!
I guess I do tend to like the same things! I have several other vintage pictures in the living room with various vases of flowers.
Anyway, look at what my SIL stopped by to bring me:
These gorgeous vintage pink ornaments were among some of her auction finds, and she thought I might like to have them.

Do you get the feeling she was right about that?

Oh, and speaking of pretty pink ornaments, look at this pretty *sugared* one below, I received from Susan at the tea party I attended last week! She gave us each one of these glittered beauties. I'm not sure, but I think it might be made by my friend Cathy (?) Sure looks like her work! It's beautiful!!

I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas......

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I'm having a sale at the shoppe! All the pretties above are reduced, plus lots more. THREE PAGES of goodies are on sale; nearly everything in the shoppe!

Why? I need to make more room in my shoppe for all the upcoming holiday goodies!!

I'm beginning to think ALOT about Christmas (don't I always?) and making lots of pretties for you. (Also, the sale items would make great Christmas gifts!!
Okay, that's enough shameless advertising! :)

On to other things!

A big thank you to Cheryl, and to Cathy of Treasured Heirlooms for nominating me for the "You Make Me Smile Award." I would like to give it back to both of these sweet ladies, and also to each and every one of you, because you make me smile every day by your kind comments. In case you don't know it, let me say now how much I appreciate every single comment you leave me. You make me smile.

Hope you are having a great week.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Pretty Pink Pumpkin

I ordered this sweet pumpkin from Aunt May's Cottage, and it arrived yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful!! It goes perfectly in my shabby pink and green dining room. If you haven't looked at Bertie's lovely things she makes, I encourage you to do so!
I know how much work goes into things like this; just look at the detail:

Thank you so much, Bertie; I just love it!! I'll be back to see what pretty Christmas goodies you have in store!

I'm still enjoying the touches of autumn in my home, though I am definitely thinking about Christmas and preparing things for it......

Here's a little autumn wreath I added to my magazine holder in the living room (it's actually a candle ring, but I decided it's a wreath! :)

Thank you for your kind comments on my tussie mussies; I enjoyed them!!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Celebrating Friendship

My friend Gwen invited three of us to her lovely home for tea today. She asked if I could make a keepsake tag for each of us, as a remembrance of our day. So I decided to make a tussie mussie along with a tag.

Here is the tag..... a vintage postcard image, to which I added each of our names (in the corners by the pink rhinestones), along with the date and the words "Celebrating Friendship."

I knew I wanted to use the colors of pink and brown, as our friend Susan was going to be there, and she loves that combination.

I was pleased to find this brown and cream paper with words of friendship on it, for the outer cone.

I used a pink ribbon with raised flowers, and secured it to the cone sides by adding rose glass leaves.

Another glass leaf was added to the bottom, along with a cream tassel.

The finished product.

Gathered in a suitcase, ready for the tea party.
Thank you, Gwen, for a lovely day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

As promised, some thrift finds, and things in softer colors......
I'm a Goodwill Girl, but we had a new Salvation Army store open in a nearby town, so I had to check it out! Overall, their prices were higher than Goodwill, but I did find these two cute little bluebird soaps in a nest for around two dollars! I think they will be cute by the kitchen sink.

Vintage floral plates are just too hard for me to resist -- this one will also grace the kitchen.....

Some Santa Christmas tags I made in more pastel tones, with pink roses too of course!

Christmas Paper Cones aka Tussie Mussies!

I received some angels I ordered from Shabby in the City. Did you know she has Flea Market Fridays? You might want to take a peek -- but be sure to let me choose first if there are any more cuties like these, below! ;) She had them for a great price, as she warned that their "bell bottoms" (hee hee -- bell bottoms) were broken...... but I'm thinking on making them new pretty skirts to cover that up!

She included this BEAUTIFUL vintage card that features bluebirds&roses! How very thoughtful!!!!!!!!! I look forward to using this image in future projects; thank you so very much!

One more thing..... guess where dh, Brad and I went Sunday night? To a ZZ Top concert. I have to say, it was among the best in concerts I have ever been to. They lived up to their musical legend, what a great show!! No pictures were allowed, but wouldn't you love it if I could insert a photo of me here with those bearded gents? :)

Oh wait, there I am!
GOOD TIMES!! (original photo Barry B., altered by yours truly :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

This is a little Napco cherub I found at an estate sale recently. It seemed appropriate to post this today, as this is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. This is a cause very near and dear to my heart.
This one's for you, Kailey and Levi, my forever angels.

Friday, October 12, 2007

More Autumn Decor

This is my autumn village ~ this year it's on top of the tv cabinet, last year it was on the mantel (below):

I love how the village houses/shoppes have little scenes within, such as this home where some autumn baking is going on:

And the farm is always busy at harvest time:

I have these four seasons slates, and I'm featuring the autumn one at this time of year. This is very much like the area in which we live; it's a farming community.

I found this little fall bottle brush tree on a shopping jaunt with my friend Gwen last year..... we each bought one to remember the special day.

(I hope those of you who come here expecting my usual pink roses aren't too disappointed with the diversion to autumn. It's my favorite season, and I'm thankful our family room is done in colors more accepting of traditional autumn tones......

I did go thrifting yesterday, and will have some pastel flowery things to show you soon! I hope you'll stay tuned!! :)

A sign hangs above a door in the family room ~ a reminder, as our blessings are many!
Thank you for visiting! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Autumn Greetings
from Our House to Yours
Some Indian Corn by the front door
The view from our front door..... the leaves haven't changed much yet..... that little white spot is a park bench, so that gives you an idea of scale......
This outdoor decor below is from a previous year, but it's not cheating as long as I admit that to you, right? ;)
This is the view from our dining room door, of the path that leads through our back woods. I never look at this without being thankful.
Happy Autumn!