Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thrift Finds

The above picture is of some recent thrift store finds..... some pretty flowers (I'll paint the bowl they are in); a sweet cherub holding a dish; a pastel Welcome sign, and two little kissing angels that are Napco.

Most of the rest is yard sale finds...... we did a quick afternoon jaunt into a neighboring small town today, that was having "citywide" yard sales. A vintage blue vase, a couple of tiny pitchers....

Old faded rose plate, scenic saucer, floral pitcher

Vintage Lamp with pink & yellow roses but no shade.... and yards & yards of the gorgeous fabric that is behind it ~ it's Raymond Waites "Conservatory*....... very nice weight for pillows or upholstery.....
A birdcage (I can't stop myself) that will be painted..... some twig nests, a wooden egg....

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dear MOM!

Today is my mother's birthday. You might recall I bought this vintage planter at an antique/junk store recently. I cleaned it up and placed a miniature yellow rose in it, as yellow roses are my mom's favorite flower. My mom bought a brand new house a little over a year ago, and she and her husband have been working hard to landscape it. I'm sure she will have no trouble finding a spot for this rose!

Tonight, she will be attending our youngest's performance in the high school musical. He has the lead male role (I'm bragging a bit, moms are allowed, right? ;) Last night was opening night, and it was very enjoyable. I will share a few photos in a post sometime this weekend. Some of the girls' costumes are fun to look at, as it is set in the 40's.......

I would also like to wish my friend Nikki a Happy Birthday, as hers is today as well! Nikki is just beautiful, inside and out! Have a great day, Nikki!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Pretty!!

Check out the pretty painted piece I ordered from Karla! She rescued a couple of wooden pieces that her husband had put in the burn pile, and painted sweet roses on them.

Although I know it's a newly-painted piece, she made it to look like it had graced someone's lovely home in days gone by.

I think it's going in the living room (by the stairwell), where it will be visible from the dining room as well.
Thanks so much, Karla, I love it!

Karla calls these "doodads"...... You can read the story about them on her blog:

A thank-you is also in order for Sonia, who was so kind in nominating me for the thinking blog, and said the sweetest things in doing so....... Sonia is very talented and makes such pretty things; if you haven't visited her blog, please take a moment to do so:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Do you know what this was/is used for? I don't! It is silverplated, approximately ten inches tall, and the little"bucket" at the top swivels or "swings". So some kind of serving piece?

She has a pretty pink gemstone on her back. Her skirt is bell shaped, but she has no workings for a bell.

Any idea?

Edited to Add: A big thank you to *kjquilts* for answering this "whattizit"!! It's a German wedding cup ~ designed so that the bride and groom can drink from it at the same time! I never would have thought of that; thank you so much!

Here's the link kj provided

Wow, now I'm thinking I really got a deal; I think I paid around $2 for this at Goodwill! :)

Plus how sweet to know that it's used for such a romantic occasion!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Today is my firstborn's 21st birthday!! (How is that possible, when I'm only 29? ;) The above pics are among my favorites of us together; this was taken in one of those photo booths at an amusement park when he was five years old. (check out those HUMUNGOUS glasses on me -- well, it was 16 years ago, and they were quite the fashion back then!)
Andrew is such a nice young man ~ you would enjoy meeting him. He's kind, thoughtful, and generous.......... not to mention smart and handsome (not that I'm at all biased). I'm very proud of him.
Have a great birthday, Andrew!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bluebird Pendant

Look at this beautiful bluebird pendant that my new friend Donna made for me! It arrived in the mail today! Isn't it lovely?

Donna had asked me to share my vintage postcard image of a bluebird with a rose, and she made this for me, out of that image, as a thank you! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you, Donna!

Donna makes adorable pendants; they are very sweet, and reasonably priced too. Here's the link to her shoppe on Etsy:
How could I not like a shoppe that is called Bluebird Lane?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thrifting
In addition to my usual thrift stores, I visited my favorite antique mall ...... the little pitcher above was at Goodwill for 99 cents; I literally gasped when I saw it! The rose candleholders are Goodwill; in the left of the picture is a vintage kitchen towel, found at the antique mall for three dollars, and to the right are three vintage pillow covers ~ four dollars for all, and below is a closeup of the gorgeous old fabrics:

I also found a box of vintage get-well cards (I love old cards), a tiny enamelware cup that matches my kitchen enamelware, this vintage button card that was a dollar ~ I bought it because I love the graphics on it!

Take a look at that framed card in the right of the picture, that has the "We Two" is a greeting card from 1938, framed, and on the back it is inscribed "To Nona from Charlie on our second anniversary" and dated 1941. How sweet is that? I can't help but wonder who are Nona and Charlie, and why would someone part with such a sweet family treasure?

Also at Goodwill was this pink jar with a slanted top; someone had tagged it with "bran", not sure what I'll put in it (it's not vintage but pretty)...... Also at Goodwill, found the framed botanical print, and the little oval frame around porcelain roses.
Both of these frames will get re-painted shabby white. The little squares are candleholders, but they need new bottoms to hold a candle. The scrolly part is floral, I think the candlelight will be romantic shining through it. Oh, both the lace pieces in this picture are Goodwill finds too ~ tablecloths.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Look at what arrived today! This GORGEOUS button wreath made by Cindy, of Romantic Home......

She held a giveaway on her blog not long ago, and I am blessed to have won and now be the happy owner of this beautiful prize!

The pictures simply do not do this lovely wreath justice!

Of course it was beautifully wrapped ~~ in pretty ribbon & pastel tissue paper, some with teacups on it (which you all know I will save! :) and this sweet teacup card enclosed as well.

If you haven't visited Cindy, please do so, she has a lovely blog, and her home is truly a romantic home, thanks to her talent and wonderful vision.

Thank you so much, Cindy, this pretty heart button wreath will find a place of honor in my living room, and every time I look at it, I will remember your kindness!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sugar Scuttle & Little Birds

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do a little antiquing with my boys. My oldest has been on a quest this weekend to find an old record player as a gift for a friend..... so I just had to go thrifting with him to help! (What a sacrifice! ;)
The three thrift stores we visited on Friday yielded the treasures you saw in my last post, but no record player. So yesterday, my two sons and I went to this nearby store that I knew about ~ kind of an antique/junk store combined.
I found this beautiful sugar scuttle ~ I've been wanting one of these since spotting them in a Romantic Homes picture. The price tag said $20 ~ which you all know is steep for me to pay for one of my finds ~ but the older gentleman who owns/runs the shop quickly approached me, saying "Don't pay any attention to the price tag." He then told me I could have it for $10. Well, how could I refuse? It had the little scoop with it and everything!
I also bought these little silver bird candleholders, $2 for the pair.

I was happy to find these planters, pictured below, only a dollar each because they had cracks. The one on the left will get cleaned up, a flower added (perhaps an african violet or a minature rose) and will be a gift for my mother, either for her birthday (which is this month) or for Mother's Day (it is inscribed "To Mother With Love"......)
I have a small collection of skirt vases, so this little beauty will be added to that (her skirt is open in the back)
And in case you're wondering, my son did find that record player that he was looking for. It was one of the old "suitcase" style, only five dollars. Chris did a little rewiring on it, and last night "Ol' Blue Eyes" himself could be heard crooning from its speakers! My son included some albums and old 45's, and it became a housewarming gift for his friend that likes old music! And I'm proud that my sons know how to search for a good bargain! (wonder where they get that from? ;)

Friday, April 13, 2007

I've been thrifting! Look at this little dish (above) for only thirty-nine cents! I think it was supposed to have a lid, but will be cute for a little candle, or some type of holder.

This pitcher&bowl set is Lefton, and is fairly large (on vintage blue floral pillowcases). The pink pitcher is lefton too, look at those sweet pink roses!

Another birdcage! A lace rose runner, some pearls, a "Mother" cup with pink rose......

Homer Laughlin dessert plates, a vintage blue shoe, and a sweet little girl....

A Happy Thrifting Day! :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thrift Swap and a Prize!!

I participated in a thrift swap, hosted by Country Pleasures, and the picture above is what my new friend MaryBeth sent to me! The criteria was to spend only $5; I think she did an amazing job! I love it all, but I think that little teapot pincushion is just extra cute! I will share later what I am sending her, as she hasn't received hers yet, and I don't want to spoil her surprise!

Yesterday was a fun day at the mailbox, as I also received my prize from Linda, these Hollyhock seeds! Isn't the package precious? Her husband made them for her to fill with seeds that she shares with friends and family. How sweet is that? I will be planting them in our new "secret garden" area that we just put in..... Here's a sneak peek:
Won't hollyhocks be pretty in front of that fence? We had the arbor in place (our wedding arbor that Chris built) and then he put up this fencing that we'd found at a g. sale for five dollars. He did this for me on one of those nice days we had a few weeks ago; and I'm so excited! More on that later.....

So thank you so much, MaryBeth and Linda, for your thoughtfulness and generosity! You have brightened my life with your kindness! :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One-Year Blogversary

It was one-year ago today that I first began this blog, and this is the picture that I used that day. At that time, I stated, "My hope is to share lovely thoughts and things with you". And I hope that is what I have done, at least most of the time!

I enjoy pretty things, and I enjoy sharing pretty things. It has been such a blessing to find so many of you that also enjoy pretties like I do ~~ to find so many kindred spirits ~~ and so many sweet and encouraging souls out there.

And on that note, a few of you (listed below) have blessed me this week by nominating me for the thinking blog award. If you haven't yet visited these lovely ladies' blogs, please take a moment to do so, you will be encouraged by their beautiful photography and by the words they share.
And I thank all of my dear blogging friends for the encouragement each and every one of you are to me.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Look what I ordered from my online friend Amy....
the sweet vintage bride doll, and this fabulous floral tray!
The doll is lovely in the living room, and the tray found a home on top of my kitchen cabinets, with some of my other vintage metal floral pretties.

Have you visited Amy from Four Sisters in a Cottage? She has such pretty things, and very reasonably priced too! I don't know where she finds all her treasures, but she has lovely dolls, lace, china, rose fabrics ~~ and her display pictures are beautiful to look at! She has just added lots of new (old) things to her site too ~~better hurry on over before I buy it all! :)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

~ Wishing All of You a Happy Easter ~

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bluebird Gift Tag Offer

Some of you expressed an interest in purchasing some of the gift tags I featured recently, and I thank you so much for this very kind compliment!

In light of that, I would like to offer these tags for those of you who wish to purchase them. They are in a set of four for $5, with postage of $1.50 (within U.S.). If you order two sets, postage would still only be the original amount. Also, they can be made without the "to" and "from" if you'd like, so that you can add your own message, or even use them as labels (I hung some on little floral suitcases that hold my crafts, and it was a sweet look).

The glitter doesn't show up well in the photos..... the bluebird and roses are highlighted with glitter.....
Please e-mail me at: if you are interested!
And thank you again for all your encouragement and kind comments on my photos and projects; I appreciate you all very much!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Shabby Chic Thrifting Treasures

Found at Goodwill over the weekend....... the Shabby Chic set is actually a twin duvet/pillow sham. Do I have a twin bed? No! Did that stop me from buying this? Nope! :) I figure, I can use the pillow sham on our bed, and do something neat with the pretty fabric, since it was a good price. The little rose plate was forty-nine cents. And look at this cute candleholder someone painted in the shabby chic style. It was $1.99....

The cutest thing about it is this little wooden tag they
painted and hung on it, declaring it a Tag Sale Treasure..... too sweet!!