Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Do you know what this was/is used for? I don't! It is silverplated, approximately ten inches tall, and the little"bucket" at the top swivels or "swings". So some kind of serving piece?

She has a pretty pink gemstone on her back. Her skirt is bell shaped, but she has no workings for a bell.

Any idea?

Edited to Add: A big thank you to *kjquilts* for answering this "whattizit"!! It's a German wedding cup ~ designed so that the bride and groom can drink from it at the same time! I never would have thought of that; thank you so much!

Here's the link kj provided http://www.german-toasting-glasses.com/german_wedding_cups.html

Wow, now I'm thinking I really got a deal; I think I paid around $2 for this at Goodwill! :)

Plus how sweet to know that it's used for such a romantic occasion!


kjquilts said...

Hmmm...somewhere in the back of my mind I remember seeing this before! I want to say it is a wedding cup that the bride and groom drink from. I could be totally wrong! I'll check back to see if anyone else has the correct answer.

kjquilts said...

Ok, yes, that is it! Here is a web site that explains it all. http://www.german-toasting-glasses.com/german_wedding_cups.html

Clare said...

What a wonderful item - you must be so pleased to have found it!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

That is a cool find! I was looking at an awesome silver tea set today at the thrift store for $25. Still mulling it over LOL Can't go wrong for $2!

Cindy @ My Romantic Home said...

Wow, you got a great deal! Thrifting is so much fun!

MJ said...

When I read through your blog & see all the lovely vintage stuff, I regret I didn't take more items from my grandma's condo. Funny how not wanting to appear greedy kicks in but the irony is that the items likely ended up at a Thrift Shop!! I took what was sentimental to me and I guess that was what was most important! Thanks for showing your neat finds!

Southern Heart said...

You did great---it's just beautiful! :) (I'm glad to know what it is, too...).

And I just saw your sweet note...my Andrew is my first-born, too. :)

Love, Andrea

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I would never have guessed what it was. How pretty, though.

Susan P. said...

This is so funny, I saw this exact same thing when I was antiquing over the weekend~only it cost 20 dollars!! Great deal!!