Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bluebird Gift Tag Offer

Some of you expressed an interest in purchasing some of the gift tags I featured recently, and I thank you so much for this very kind compliment!

In light of that, I would like to offer these tags for those of you who wish to purchase them. They are in a set of four for $5, with postage of $1.50 (within U.S.). If you order two sets, postage would still only be the original amount. Also, they can be made without the "to" and "from" if you'd like, so that you can add your own message, or even use them as labels (I hung some on little floral suitcases that hold my crafts, and it was a sweet look).

The glitter doesn't show up well in the photos..... the bluebird and roses are highlighted with glitter.....
Please e-mail me at: if you are interested!
And thank you again for all your encouragement and kind comments on my photos and projects; I appreciate you all very much!


Francie M. said...

Oh my, those are lovely!

Nancy Jo said...

Those little cards you made are so cute. I have been trying to make a few things, I usually end up with glitter all over the place. I have black hair, so it shows up real nice. Been trying to make some cards and even some banners. But they don't look as nice as the ones I see from all you handy girls. But my hair looks pretty good.

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Becca, those are beautiful, so springy and pretty!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Becca, those are so lovely! I love everything about them. The birds, the roses, the whole thing. You are very talented.

Wishing you a lovely Easter! Lidy

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter,
These are just so pretty.
And the birds are wonderful. Do you make envelope as well that match?

Anonymous said...

Oh tie on tags. That is lovely. I have never made an envelope. I can imagine it is not difficult.
These are just wonderful for tags in vintage themed stores.

Do you draw the bird?
Happy Holiday to you too. I am sewing away today.

Susan Tuttle said...

These are absolutely gorgeous--sure to make any gift extra special!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Happy week!


Jules said...

hey thanks for visiting my blog at Jullies World where shabby is full of possibility
your house is wonderfull wish i was in the US although here in australia we have our share of thrift stores ebay and markets you have the same interests as my sister and i she collects bluebirds and i love roses.I will come back love your tags too well love it all really.