Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mmmmmm, have you caught a whiff of this? I saw it on QVC but didn't want to pay the $ they were selling for as a "set".... but then I found it this weekend in the Bath & Body Store!
I also bought this little sugar shaker (it has a crack in the back, but who doesn't? ;)
And this pretty vintage tablecloth I've had my eye on for awhile ~ it was marked down from $20 to $5. Scooped it up before anyone could change their mind!! :)
Hope you are enjoying these last beautiful days of September, and thank you so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here's a Friendly Thought....I wish you "Year-Round Happiness" The little card and angel were finds from the Springfield Antiques Extravaganza I attended over the weekend. I couldn't resist the bluebirds on the card, and the little angel wishing "Year-Round Happiness" was so sweet ~ who doesn't want that? :)
Also found a Bethany Lowe "putz-style" house/bottle brush tree... and the vintage pink doily 'neath it........ a cute little pink angel holding a hymnal
Another vintage card, this one with an idyllic cottage scene....
~Of course another "sayings" cup to add to my collection I recently shared with you~

Two metal scrolly shelves with roses ~ deciding which wall will be graced with them ~

After seeing the attention Bowser received from being featured in my last post, the others insisted on their moment in the sun as well. Here is sweet Isabella, who apparently thinks when my dh says he's "getting on the laptop" it means for her to get on his lap top. Silly Izzy!! Hope you are having a lovely week ~ so thankful it's Autumn, my favorite season!
Please stop by again soon!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rearranged my little white cabinet o' pretties, so snapped a picture.
Lots of pieces with roses, but also some mugs with "sayings"....
..... such as "A present", "Remember Me", and "Forget Me Not".
When I'm typing my posts, I usually have a supervisor -- this time it's Bowser. Here she is in front of my computer monitor. She looked cuter than this, but everytime the camera flashed she blinked. She has the prettiest golden eyes, but you wouldn't know it by this photo!! Looks like she's sleeping on the job, eh Bowser?

Hope your week is off to a good start! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Makeover Reveal!!

What did I make over this time?
This vintage vanity I bought from Craigslist! Here is the before (above). As you can see, it was quite scratched up.....
And here is the after!!
Of course, I painted it white, added pink glass knobs and a little pink paint to the lower drawer pulls.....

Old cards tucked in the mirror sides....
Now I have the perfect place for all my pretty vanity items!

See our bed reflected in the mirror? It just might be next! :)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

You all are the sweetest!!
You saw that little footnote on the last post and left me the warmest get well wishes!! Thank you!! (I had a pretty big health scare, but it now appears to be something quite minor that is causing the problems ~~ I am rejoicing, along with my family!! :)
Thanks also for all the kind comments on our living room, I enjoyed sharing it with you. Wish you could all visit in person; what fun conversations we'd enjoy!!

Yesterday, this little guy left the *nest*. Okay, he's not this little anymore, but this photo is a good representation of the speed at which he grew up ~ whoosh!
He moved into his own college apartment yesterday.
I'm trying to focus on this big room I now have in the basement -- it will become an exercise/game room!! (Which do you think I'll do more of, exercising or gaming? ;)
Best Wishes, Bradley, I am SO proud of you!!

In other news, I made my very first Craigslist purchase today!! Just wait 'til you see what I bought, and how I transform it!! (hmmm, could it involve painting something WHITE? ;)
Hope you are enjoying a lovely holiday weekend!