Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sugar Scuttle & Little Birds

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do a little antiquing with my boys. My oldest has been on a quest this weekend to find an old record player as a gift for a friend..... so I just had to go thrifting with him to help! (What a sacrifice! ;)
The three thrift stores we visited on Friday yielded the treasures you saw in my last post, but no record player. So yesterday, my two sons and I went to this nearby store that I knew about ~ kind of an antique/junk store combined.
I found this beautiful sugar scuttle ~ I've been wanting one of these since spotting them in a Romantic Homes picture. The price tag said $20 ~ which you all know is steep for me to pay for one of my finds ~ but the older gentleman who owns/runs the shop quickly approached me, saying "Don't pay any attention to the price tag." He then told me I could have it for $10. Well, how could I refuse? It had the little scoop with it and everything!
I also bought these little silver bird candleholders, $2 for the pair.

I was happy to find these planters, pictured below, only a dollar each because they had cracks. The one on the left will get cleaned up, a flower added (perhaps an african violet or a minature rose) and will be a gift for my mother, either for her birthday (which is this month) or for Mother's Day (it is inscribed "To Mother With Love"......)
I have a small collection of skirt vases, so this little beauty will be added to that (her skirt is open in the back)
And in case you're wondering, my son did find that record player that he was looking for. It was one of the old "suitcase" style, only five dollars. Chris did a little rewiring on it, and last night "Ol' Blue Eyes" himself could be heard crooning from its speakers! My son included some albums and old 45's, and it became a housewarming gift for his friend that likes old music! And I'm proud that my sons know how to search for a good bargain! (wonder where they get that from? ;)


Kate said...

That is such a pretty sugar scuttle. I am glad I came by...kate

Sharon Kay said...

Your son has a very good teacher and I am sure you had a lot of fun looking for a treasure or two with him. A wonderful house warming gift.

Lallee said...

Nice rewards for helping your son shop. I especially love the little birds.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

That is so sweet that your son gave that record player as a gift! I hope my sons grow up with an appreciation for old things. I LOVE that sugar scuttle! How cute with the little scoop! You always find so many pretties!

I have been planning for the may basket as is going to be so fun and I am so glad I got you as my partner!

by the way, got the victorian chic book in this weekend that you it! It has lots of lace too!

Have a great day, Heather

a bit of pink heaven said...

Hey Becca,
What can I say....I love your site and your wonderful taste in pink! I am adding you to my blog links. Hope you'll add mine!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Wow, great goodies!! I can't wait for the day that my sons will want to go thrifting!!

Southern Heart said...

What beautiful silver! You certainly have the eye---I love seeing everything you "find". :) How fun that your son loves to thrift, younger son and I have a great time together, also.