Friday, April 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dear MOM!

Today is my mother's birthday. You might recall I bought this vintage planter at an antique/junk store recently. I cleaned it up and placed a miniature yellow rose in it, as yellow roses are my mom's favorite flower. My mom bought a brand new house a little over a year ago, and she and her husband have been working hard to landscape it. I'm sure she will have no trouble finding a spot for this rose!

Tonight, she will be attending our youngest's performance in the high school musical. He has the lead male role (I'm bragging a bit, moms are allowed, right? ;) Last night was opening night, and it was very enjoyable. I will share a few photos in a post sometime this weekend. Some of the girls' costumes are fun to look at, as it is set in the 40's.......

I would also like to wish my friend Nikki a Happy Birthday, as hers is today as well! Nikki is just beautiful, inside and out! Have a great day, Nikki!


Southern Heart said...

Happy Birthday to your Mother, and your friend, Nikki, also! What a lovely and thoughtful gift...I'm betting that she'll love it. :)

And, I'm thrilled to hear about your son. How exciting! I hope that he enjoys his performance as much as I'm sure all of you will!

Have a wonderful weekend,


a pink-bee said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your Mom, what a wonderful gift :0 You have the sweetest touch with your decorating :)

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to your Mother..she will certainly love that beautiful planter and roses!! Have fun at your son's performance, I know how proud you must feel:-) xox

Lori said...

Hope Mom loved her planter! I collect those litttle book planters and love them. I have been told their 40s and 50s. Bet it was a awesome play, Hey you can brag all you want, it shows what a super Mom you are as your own!

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

i used to collect those lovely book planters, but have since sold them all... they are SO pretty! debbie =)

Garden_Antqs said...

Hope you Mother has a very special birthday, and may all her wishes come true!!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

How special to give your Mother the mini yellow roses!

So exciting for your son to have the lead role in a play! Wish we could all attend!

(Happy Birthday to Nikki too!)

Deb said...

Happy Birthday to your mom; what a thoughtful gift!
It's great when we Mom's can brag!