Wednesday, June 07, 2006

One of my Grandma's hats, displayed in my living room.... I'm thinking of my Grandma C. today; as it would be her birthday. My Grandma was a special lady. She lived a very hard life in the hills of Virginia, raising eight children.... She died when I was eight, so my memories of her are more limited than I would want, but I cherish those I do have. And I cherish Grandma's hats.
Sometimes I like to think of what Grandma and I would talk about, now that I am grown and no longer the child she knew........ We would talk about our strong love for our husbands and children, we would cry together over the babies we have lost...... we would talk about God and how much He loves us and how thankful we are to be His............. and, oh yes......we'd talk about those hats!


Anonymous said...

Hi Becca,

Loved this post. How special that you have her hats. The display is sweet.


La Tea Dah said...

Such a beautiful picture. . .and lovely memories of your Grandmother. I'm so sorry about the babies (or baby) you lost. I know that must have been very difficult. I believe that some day you will be reunited with your little one and will spend eternity together. What a blessed hope!

Yellow Roses said...

Love your grandma story! And the picture is lovely!