Thursday, September 21, 2006

This is the side gate; through which wedding guests entered the back yard where the ceremony would take place. You can see the arbor awaiting us -- that is where we stood to be united in marriage ~ Chris built this arbor especially for our wedding. We knew we wanted an outdoor wedding, and I had been checking out various park settings, when a friend suggested "why don't you get married in your own backyard?" What a perfect idea! I spent all summer planting flowers for the occasion, and Chris, who was living in an apartment at the time, came over after work and on his days off, to help. We had so much fun working together and making plans for our special day. We even made our own invitations (which I'll try to photograph and share as well). ~When we moved, we brought this gate with us, it now is at the entry to our back woods, as is the treasured arbor ~ The little wooden stand on the left holds a pretty book & pen for the guests to sign~


Yellow Roses said...

I'm enjoying the details of the lovely outdoor wedding! Looking forward to more! The flowers everywhere are so pretty!


Mary said...

The flowers, the gate, your front porch all look so pretty adorned with your signature pink flowers. Sharing this with you thru your blog is so much fun. The pictures and your descriptions all just make me smile.

Maggie Ann said...

I love the basket of flowers on the gate too! That is a beautiful touch..