Thursday, December 13, 2007

...And God Bless Us, Everyone!!

Brad and his band have been playing a Blues Christmas Show at area malls. Tonight, he had new attire for the event, and I just thought he looked so nice and Christmas-y I had to share. Some of the songs they play are "Merry Christmas, Pretty Baby", "Blue Christmas", and an absolutely awesome version of "The Carol of the Bells".
Hope you are enjoying lots of Christmas music in your life too!! :)


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I love his new outfit! He looks so cute! What do the others wear?


Cheryl said...

He looks great! Any more shows? We misplaced their schedule we got at the library. I would love to see their Christmas Show one more time.

Thanks for showing us the picture.


Mary Isabella said...

He looks awesome.Mary

Rosemary said...

Very cute outfit Becca.

Tutti Chic said...

I love the outfit! He's so cute! :)

Beth Leintz said...

Love the hat and jacket!