Thursday, January 31, 2008


Tired of winter? Enjoy some summer WIPEOUT music with the guys! Brad's on the left this time. :)


Alison Gibbs said...

Yay summer is almost here for you guys.
Autumn/Fall in another month for us here in Australia.

Rosemary said...

They sound good Becca!
Thanks we need a little bit of Summer.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

ahhhhhhhhh WIPE OUT!!! Oh yes, this brings back memories!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

They are really good! They must love seeing people dancing to their music and taking pictures!


vivian said...

that was fun! I bet they get a kick out of the girls dancing.. I got a little chuckle from the two girls when the one fixes the others top which appeared to be sliding down!
I was a groupie once! followed this band around... oh good grief... those were the days!!

Linda said...

The guys are sounding great and looking cute too.
Love your pretties from last post, the prints are lovely. Have a nice weekend. Linda

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

The guys sound great! What fun for them!

Cheryl said...

They do sound great! Man, they are good if they play that good with that many distractions.

Lallee said...

Terrific! That song sure brings back memories for me. Great guitar and drumming.

My Pink Boutique said...

Great music! Looking forward to summer now.