Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ooooooo, look at this beautiful child's wash stand I saw at the antiques extravaganza yesterday! Isn't it adorable? And that color!! Since I didn't have $135 to spend on it; I decided a picture of this beauty would have to do!!
Here is one of the shabby booths!
Pretty pottery in shades of cream and green!
And some in pastels, in whimsical forms!
This is the one that got away .... the pale aqua one on the left. I approached this vendor's stall just behind another woman who spotted it seconds before me. I politely stood back while she inspected it and weighed her decision -- I was at the ready to zoom in if she decided against it. But alas, who could refuse this treasure for a mere $10? Not her. Sigh.
I did manage to come home with some really sweet treasures, which I will share in my next post.
How was your weekend? :)


English Cottage in Georgia said...

I have been looking high and low for vintage clam back metal chair such as the one you patiently waited to lose :-).
I am afraid I would have butted in and said, "I'll give $15.00".
LOL!!! I would never really do that, but I am sooo tired of wanting two of those darned chairs. :-)

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Those would have been fun to have but I expect the treasures you did get are pretty good too!

Antique Rose Designs said...

Love those treasures I'd like to take a few home with me too. Take care Carol

Denise said...

WOW......tons of eye kind of booths..can't wait to see your treasures.

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

What a wonderful place for treasure hunting. I stumbled across your blog and I'm glad I did, it's lovely!! I'm your newest follower.
♥ Teresa

Cheryl said...

I am also looking forward to seeing your treasures! Patience...there will be other cool chairs just waiting for you. You'll see.

Laurie said...

Oh, too much fun! I'm sorry you missed the chair but I know you'll find another!

Linda said...

What a great event! I collect cream pottery and when I saw the table full I nearly to shop here...hugs Linda