Monday, June 27, 2011

The day before my birthday (last month), my mom and I did our traditional birthday outing... lunch at our favorite cafe, and a little shopping in a nearby antique town. In one of the shops, I spotted a pretty rose print in a gorgeous frame. I admired it as it hung on the wall, but time and money were short that day, so there it stayed.
The very next day, my sister-in-law stopped by, bearing a birthday gift. You guessed it. It was the beautifully-framed roses..... What is unbelievable though, is my mom had not told her about my admiring it. Coincidentally, my sis-in-law went to the shoppe later, saw it, and knew I would love it! She was right, I do!!

She also brought me this "bath bomb" which I used promptly. It smelled like strawberry bubblegum -- yum! And made lots of bubbles! :)

Don't you just love sweet surprises?

P.S. Thank you SO much for your kind comments on my rose article, and for taking the time to read it. It is greatly appreciated!!


Rosetta said...

Questo quadro è molto bello e delicato!Rosetta

Natasha Burns said...

What a beautiful print, and how fantastic that your sister-in-law gets you!!! Happy belated birthday - looks like it was a lovely and relaxing one :)

ladychiara said...

What a lovely rose print. The frame is lovely too! How wonderful that your sister in law knows you so well and chose the perfect gift! :)

Cheryl said...

So glad you didn't buy it so I could give it as a gift! Was wondering about the bath bomb, glad it smelled nice and had lots of bubbles!