Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Our living room is quite possibly my favorite room in our home. It is the first room guests see when they enter our front door, and usually the place where they are seated for our visit with them. Even for the three of us who live here, it is a place of quiet relaxation. There is no tv or telephone in this room. Sometimes we will sit there just to visit with one another and talk over the day.
Our son recently told me that his friends often conclude that we are rich when they first see our living room, which made me smile, because it was completely decorated on a budget. When I look around the room, I'm mentally saying "auction; garage sale; clearance....."
Of course, I have told my boys all their lives, that we ARE rich -- rich in blessings and in love, and that's what really counts, after all. (but I do enjoy our "rich" living room! ;)


Flora said...

What a beautiful peaceful room! It's lovely! I enjoyed the story that went along with it. I was delighted to find a new post on your blog today! I've been looking forward to the next one for a long time. :o)

Yellow Roses said...

Thanks for sharing another part of your beautiful home with us! It is a rich looking room, and you are indeed rich in blessings! You are also a blessing to us!

Anonymous said...

Is this the light you mentioned to us before? You said it was a different kind? I love those little lights in the window. They look so welcoming from outside and they add a warm romantic glow to the inside also.