Friday, February 15, 2008


I saw this in Michele's shoppe, Sweet Yesterdays, and it just moved me. It arrived today, and is every bit as beautiful ~~ no, it's even more beautiful ~~ than I imagined it would be.

Can you read what it says? "But to see her was to love her, Love but her, and love forever".
It is a vintage piece...... mounted on old wallpaper, old black frame. I just love it.

I have a few different ideas of what I might do with it ~~ I've thought of hanging it nearby a wedding portait of my sweetie and me ~~ but wouldn't it also be special hung among some old family wedding photos? (I like that idea but don't have much wall space left! ;)

It also would be beautiful just on its own. Did I mention I just love it?
Thanks, Michele!!


NAME: CIELO said...

What a lovely love quote! I like the idea of hanging it among old family wedding photos... very appropriate!

Have wonderful weekend!


Linda said...

What a beautiful piece and I love the verse. It arived on the perfect day too. Linda

For Love of Home said...

Oh my gosh, this piece is so beautiful, and I love the simple black frame which makes the contents just pop.

Cheryl said...

I just love it! I can see why you had to have it.

Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for coming by again. Your blog is so beautiful! Do you have a photo of the white shelf that you have for your displays? It looks fabulous. Laurie

Mamma Millan said...

hello, so fun you visit my blogg!!

have a nice weekend!!

Rosemary said...

It's very sweet Becca.
I can see why you love it.

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Becca,

Sorry you lost your cousin this week. Michele is truly an awesome lady and I can see why you just love this vintage piece and the words that reach your heart. What a sweet blog you have. I must visit more often. It's great to see you Becca.
Janet's Creative Pillows

Michele said...

Hi Rebecca! I am so happy that you loved the picture. It really is one of my favorites as well. Thank you so much for coming by Sweet Yesterdays. Have a great weekend!
Michele said...

I love it too, those roses are the best, and add them to the sentiment along side, and wow.

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Oooh, that's just lovely :) Really pretty :)

Mosaic*Queen said...

Hi Becca!
Just stopping by to say hello!
What a beautiful blog you have!!!

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

I can understand why you love it - so beautiful in every way!!!!