Friday, February 22, 2008

You all left the sweetest most kind comments on my kitchen! Thank you!
I thought I would answer a couple of questions that you asked.......
Where did I get the curtains? Well, my sweet dear husband made them for me! I picked out the fabric, and he whipped them up on his ANTIQUE sewing machine! He already knew how to sew when I married him, so that was quite the bonus in addition to all his other wonderful qualities!
Here is the view from that window. The curtains are lighter than they appear here, but it was hard to get the lighting right for both indoors and out!

A photo he took just yesterday out that window, of all the cardinals gathering round. He keeps them well fed. But before you go thinking he's too perfect, when I was downloading these photos to the computer, there was also a photo he had snuck and taken of my backside in my pink rose jammies. Stinker!! (okay, I still think he's perfect! :)

A couple of you also asked Did I make the pillows shown on my bench. Actually, I made the one on the right, out of an old cutter quilt; I just love those roses. The other one was an eBay purchase, and it's really beautiful. I haven't been able to locate the seller again though, but she certainly did nice work!!
As always, thank you for taking the time to visit with me! I wish you all really could come for tea in my cottage kitchen!! :)


SweetAnnee said...

Becca your husband is awesome!!
Love your view with all the cardinals!!
fondly, Deena

vickie said...

Becca, the pic of the cardinals is awesome! Sounds like your hubby is too!

Alison Gibbs said...

Becca, wow a guy that can sew. That's pretty cool.
Love those cardinals, so vibrant.

Cheryl said...

Yay, Chris!! He does an awesome job on what he does. Love the picture of the cardinals, cool!

Love the pillows.

Did you Mom give you the plates, yet?

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I would love to come to tea in your cottage kitchen!

Be sure and have Chris teach the boys to sew!!


Rosemary said...

Hi Becca,
Every time I see cardinals I am so sad that we don't have them in California.
I'm glad you do though.
p.s. we do have bluebirds.

Back Through Time said...

Oh your kitchen is darling!! I love it! So pink and pretty!

Lori said...

Becca, Hi kid!! Yes the kitchen was great, but oh my I love the view outside your window!! We have only mini dots of snow at the street curbs, all brown grass! Gosh if were lucky we may get 6-8 inches tonite! I love my snow and winter went to fast for me! Your cardinals are the closest to any I've seen all winter, which is so very strange!! A sewing hubby? I'd be happy to have one who would take a picture! Love, Lori

Linda said...

What a sweet hubby you have. I love the view from your kitchen window....all the snow and the sweet cardinals are a pretty view. Linda

Mamma Millan said...

hello Thanks for youre lovely comment at my blogg!!

How lovely "kuddar" you made,,,sweet!

God evning Millan


Becca that view out your window is so gorgeous. Im amazed by those birds, im gonna go Google them because i dont know what they are really.
Your hubby is too funny. Mine would do something like that too!
I gather youre not going to be showing the backside shot in any future posts?? LOL
xo Shann

Anonymous said...

The picture of the cardinals is absolutely amazing! We are lucky here if we she one or two a year.

CatHerder said...

Wow! I have never seen so many cardinals in one spot. We have two males and a female in our yard, but thats it. Ive always been told its lucky to spy a cardinal on your property...Id say you had better play the lottery!!! Great blog!