Monday, April 14, 2008

We did some slight furniture moving in our bedroom over the weekend, so of course I had to completely re-decorate the top of the armoire! I already had some birdcages up there, but I tweaked, added, etc.

How was your weekend?


Alison Gibbs said...

Love the re-do of the top of the armoire. It looks so pretty.

Sugar Bear said...

A lovely vingnette!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty!! The empty cages give a light and airy look, perfect for spring and summer!


Gail McCormack said...

What a fabulous collection, the tweaking worked well. Love all your enthusiasim for the warm weather.

Linda said...

I love what you have done with your birdcages they look beautiful on top of your armoire.
Cheers Linda

Kelli - VintageVavoom said... heart just twitterpatted looking at your birdcages. I have 2 armoires that I need to finish decorating right now.

Beautiful blog!!

Cheryl said...

You have a good eye for pretty!!

I had a good weekend. Went to an auction (first in weeks). Got my fix for a while.

Take care, Becky.

Stephanie said...

How lovely, Becca!
Thanks for sharing!

Angelic Accents

Lori said...

Becca, Must be in the air, the need to move furniture that is! What I crave is the smell of fresh paint! Is this sorta Spring weather here to stay??? I feel the need to hold a paint rollar! Take care, and happy Spring decorating! Lori

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

So pretty Becca!

vivian said...

love your pictures! I would love to redo my bedroom.. I'm waiting for my kids to move out and then we will move our bedroom to the big room upstairs.. so I'm waiting til then, then I'm really gonna do it up good! I figure it'll be another year or so before then!
love your birdcages!

Kathy said...

The new arrangement of your birdcages looks beautiful!
Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

CIELO said...

Lovely... as usual.
The empty cages look so romantic...

Pd: The house in the roses is having a dessert carnival… come and participate. It promises to be FANTASTIC!!!


Cheryl said...

Haven't been here in waaaay too long! What a sweet collection you have!

Wood n' Whimsy said...

Hi Becca, your header is is gorgoeus. I have no idea how to do that stuff. How do you get your pic to have the soft edges? Is it a program or a photo site? I like them a lot. I found you at the friday flea mkt site. I'm gonna join too. God Bless, Celene

Rosemary said...

Hi Becca,
Love all of the pretties!
Have a great weekend,

Counting Your Blessings said...

Aren't old birdcages fun to create and decorate with? I regret all of them that I've sold over the years =) Blessings... Polly

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Setting.... I collect Birdcages. I think it is because they have a Vintage Lacey look!! Yours are Lovely!!

Jules said...

Love love love that kittle vignette of birdcages but then my sister and i are also bluebird afficiandos.And nes and egg and any bird or cage.I love your blog I would like to send you a bluebird card if you send me your address