Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blue Milk Glass
Saturday, my husband Chris and I went to an auction........ I had to share with you the blue milk glass I purchased...... I have recently become interested in glass of this color -- which I would actually call more of an aqua. I think this glass looks so pretty with pink!
The items are -- hen on nest, a lamb, and a hat pin holder (though Chris insists it's a salt shaker -- but it's going on my dresser as a hat pin holder!).


Yellow Roses said...

How beautiful! I love the colored milk glass!


Susan P. said...

Becca, I don't think I have ever seen blue milk glass before! It is really lovely and the little figures give the pieces so much character! I especially love your hatpin holder;)

Maggie Ann said...

Isn't that pretty! I have never seen that color of milk glass before either. What a happy time you must have had getting this! We used to go to auctions alot when the kids were small. Over the years we got away from it, but they are great fun...especially when you have the winning bid!

Peta said...

Love these Becca, very jealous!