Thursday, June 21, 2007

Garage Sales & Antique Shoppes!!

Woo-hoo, I was able to hit a garage sale today -- only one, but look what I got! (above) Two Victorian Christmas ornaments, and all these pretty beaded trims for my projects!

I also stopped at an antique shoppe yesterday -- was just in need of some "retail therapy" -- and I found this cute little clip-on vintage angel -- I have one very similar already, and I love it, so now he has a friend!
Also found this pretty glass knob. I'm not sure what it was used for, but I really like the color of it.

This little pitcher is tiny and cute .... I don't know if you can tell that it has very pale blue at the bottom that gradually goes into white at the top, with a faded gold trim on the top and handle. The ladies at the antique shoppe were saying things like "look at this, did you see that out? I missed it." LOL!! I could still hear them talking about it as I headed out the door, little pitcher in hand! :)

I picked up this pretty rose swag at the garage sale today. It will probably find a place in the living room. She had some neat things there that I'll probably regret not buying, such as old shutters and glass doors, and a vintage mirror.......
Ah well, there's always tomorrow!


Cheryl said...

You take such lovely photos!! I do love the glass doorknob, love the color! Thanks for showing us what you found to day. Such an adventure.

Beth Leintz said...

I love that sweet little clip on angel- and the blue knob is really cool- I wonder if it was a piece of hardware, or maybe a bottle stopper?

Simply Me Art said...

I could just Jump into those beads. Have an Idea for the Glass knob, wrap the bottom with cork and make it a bottle stop! Just a thought. You could add some jewels and rhinestones. What finds, good for you. I want Garage sales on Thursdays!!

Rosemary said...

Hi Becca,
I love what you found. I think the glass knob is some kind of stopper.
It's so pretty.
You had a lucky day!
Have a great weekend!

Carolyn said...

What a delight to have you visit my new blog to welcome me. I am already starting to feel at home in Blogland. Your Grandparent's home in SW Virginia sounds serene & lovely. I liked your description ~ there is something very & beautiful about mountains, that I love too!

I see from your Garden Path post, that you have your own wonderful, peaceful path & area to soak in on a regular basis. Loved the whole look of it, from the white picket fence leaning against the pink wall, to your precious story of, & floral display of the ole chair (not the one Grandpa sat in).

I am loving your blog! Am a vintage, thrift, antique, shabby & white, treasure hunting lover. Did I miss anything? LOL. So, from your pink background, to your wonderful lil pitcher, the green knob, to the whole feel of your initial photo ~ I am being able to fill my creative well! I will sure be back, & it may take me a day sometime to visit so many of your blog links with the same emphasis.Thanks for sharing. Have a great day! :-)

Nancy Jo said...

You got some really cute things as usual.
Glad to see your new site for selling your things is doing so good!!

The French Nest said...

I just love your blog! My mum and I are avid garage salers, and are thrilled when we find lots of bargains at fabulous prices. Your finds are gorgeaous...I especially love the glass knob. I will be heading out tomorrow morning to hit the sales, so I will post my finds in the afternoon. Have a great weekend!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Becca, retail therapy, my favorite kind! You always have the sweetest treasures.

thanks for visiting me today,
wishing you a lovely weekend!

wisteriagirl said...

Hey Becca, thank you for visiting me, today! I'm not a big fan of artificial sweetener in my tea. I make just try to drink it without anything in it. I love the sweet angel you found.

Sharon Kay said...

Love all the treasures but the picture of the lace and roses that you put together is beautiful.

Stephanie said...

What neat finds for you today, Becca! I especially like the little angel & all the beading!!

Isn't it fun when they whisper about what "they" WISH they had gotten . . . and YOU GOT IT!! :0)

Angelic Accents

Betty Jo said...

I read this post before and then forgot to comment! I saw that gorgeous garden path with floral chair and got lost in your lovely photos. You always find the most wonderful treasures!! xoxo

Carolyn said...

Thank you for your kind welcome to blogland on my new blog yesterday! I came & enjoyed my time visiting your blog here last night, & somehow my comments didn't make it into cyberblogspace, LOL. So will comment again. Hey ~ am in the learning phase here. :-) Am a shabby & vintage lover, so it is fun to see your pretty finds this time round on your thrift spree. Thanks for sharing!

Glad my banner & photo transported you to the peaceful, & beautiful
"memory pictures" of your grandparent's mountain home.

Have a great day! :-)

Mrs. U said...

You made some lovely finds!!! I wish you were near me, I can never find such nice things when I'm out looking!! :)

Mrs. U

Lallee said...

I am loving that stash of beads you found! Nice treasures as always.