Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy June!!

I have a collection of May angels, but have decided to get one for each of the other months to display one at a time, because ~ well, you know, I need more stuff..... I found this one for a dollar recently. And she's trimmed in pink! :)

I am milking out this birthday thing for all it's worth ~ look what arrived in today's mail! A beautiful pink faux cupcake from another dear friend! I have admired such pretties online, but have never had the pleasure of actually owning one. Now I do!
Thank you THANK YOU!!

I just love the *sprinkles* on this cupcake! Too pretty!
I will keep it under this little bell jar I picked up recently......

I mentioned I would have a few flea market finds to show you ~ look at this cute skirt vase (I have a small collection of skirt vases ~ are you now wondering what don't I collect? ;)

This dealer was packing up her wares because it looked like rain...... this was marked five dollars, but when she saw me pick it up, she said "you can have it for three." SOLD!!

I found this adorable condiment set at a yard sale ~ on the way to the flea market ~

Can you believe my husband commented on the fact that it is "robin's egg blue"?!!!!! Wow, I was impressed! He DOES pay attention! :)


Paula said...

Hi Becca, So glad you shared all your new pretties. Your blog is so lovely! The angel is so sweet and the cupcake looks real! I really like it under the bell jar on the pretty floral plate. The skirt vase is adorable. I have not seen one of those. The "robin's egg blue", as your husband noticed, condiment set is lovely!

Mrs. G said...

Such pretty things :) I thought that cupcake was Real! and, therefore, of course, edible (I'm always in the mood for a cupcake :)

PEA said...

I've also always admired those lucky that you received one as a birthday present:-) It's gorgeous and looks sooo real! Also love your latest flea market finds. Do you go every day or just on weekends? Have a great weekend my friend! xox

Rosemary said...

That cupcake looks good enough to eat. Yummy!!
You found really cute stuff.
Have a great weekend!
Thanks again for the cute litte bluebird tags.

Lallee said...

Oh, I love all your always. The S&P set in ROBINS EGG BLUE (yeah hubby!) is adorable.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Oh your blog is so lovely! Thanks for visiting me, because now I've found you!! I'm glad you liked my bedroom wallpaper too!!!

Lori said...

Oh how I love everything you posted! I love the angel and cupcake the most!! As many faux cupcakes I have I don't have one with those sprinkles, how cute!! My husband shocks me when he calls out, "Hey lori they have pink Lefton" or he'll say "Look your favorite milkglass hobnail!" On those days I want to hug not clobbler him te-he! Lori

see you there! said...

Everything is so pretty but the June angel really brought back memories. I remember years ago seeing those angels of the month in gift shops.


Ele said...

cute stuff! I have the August doll! Ele

cammyk said...

What lovely goodies you found! My parents just gave my daughter the March angel. She loves it and has it displayed on her vanity.

Charmingdesigns said...

I just found your blog, how wonderful! Im in love with your robins egg blue condiment set!