Friday, March 07, 2008

Flea Market Friday

I'm trying something new, starting today. It is Flea Market Friday, and the participants will offer items for sale on their blogs, directly to you, our readers! What I plan to do is offer some things here first, before they are available in my shoppe, to give you all "first crack" at them.Today, I have several vintage items for you at just four dollars each (plus postage). The first is this pretty little vintage bowl (above). It measures 5-1/2" wide at the top, and does have lots of crazing to add to its charm.Next is this vintage Florentia plaque. I have several of these displayed throughout our home, particularly in our living room. SOLD ~ Thanks, Lucy! :)

Next are these adorable vintage wrapping papers! They are in their ORIGINAL cellophane paper, *new old stock*, from the good old five & dime from our quaint little town. Each package contains two 20 x 29" sheets. Papers A&B SOLD ~ Thanks, Karla! :)

The first three are the sweetest baby papers, in soft tones of pink and blue. These also would be delightful for scrapbooking! I have lettered the photos so you can tell me which ones you'd like.

Next we have some with pretty pink roses, "For Your Shower".......

And this gorgeous birthday paper!

Simply comment or email me at if you'd like to make a purchase. Also, any orders from either my website or etsy today can be combined with your Flea Market Friday items to save you money on shipping!


Thanks for visiting!


Back Through Time said...

You have such pretty things! I think this might be fun.
I did my FMF and I wanted you to be the 1st one to know that I have little tiny blue bird buttons there.
Good Luck!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Hello Doll! Thank you for visiting me tonite, your comment is much appreciated!
Becca you blog is just lovely... You know how much I love pink :)
Love to you Jo

Erin said...

What a fun idea! Hope that the Flea Market Friday idea works out well for you. It should, every early bird loves a bargain!

Sugar Bear said...

Hi Becca,
Best of luck with your venture. If papers a and b are still available, I'm interested.

Mary Isabella said...

Wonderful things. We are having snow here in Kentucky tonight....Smiles


Hiya Becca, Oh my im loving those vintage papers...hmmm might have to have a little look at them!

xo Shann

CIELO said...

Hi Becca.... I love pink, and everything I see here is soooo pretty pink!

Have a nice Sunday my dear!


Lori said...

Becca, Hi dear, life is finally slowing down! Hubby is ok but must slow down too! So do you still have the vintage baby paper avail?? If so email me and I'd like to buy those or are they on Etsy? later, Love Lori

Cheryl said...

You find the prettiest things. Flea Market Friday sounds like a fun way to share what you have for sell.

Rosemary said...

Didn't know about your flea market Friday Becca. I have been sooo busy.
Sounds like fun.

Laurie said...

Hi Becca! What a great idea to have a flea market Friday. How clever! Can anyone join?

Tutti Chic said...

SOunds like fun! Your goodies ae just lovely as is your blog!:) chris

GardenGoose said...

wanted to invite you by my blog where I have posted instructions for creating faux cupcakes in case you might be interested.~Tina

Anonymous said...

I love the Flea Market Friday idea, how clever. What do I need to do to participate?

LeAnn :)