Thursday, March 20, 2008

A lovely weekend for a wedding.......
I just love weddings, do you? My "baby brother-in-law", age 23, is getting married this weekend.

We will be attending the rehearsal dinner tomorrow night, and the wedding on Saturday, so there will be no Flea Market Friday on my blog tomorrow. I thought I'd just share with you these vintage wedding tags I made, since I am in a wedding mood!

They won't be going to the happy couple though; I think their taste is more modern than mine, as a lot of young couples are.........
I wish them the best and much happiness, as is always my wish for all of you too! I hope you will have a lovely Easter weekend; I'll try to post a little Easter decor by Sunday! :)


CIELO said...

Oh... so young! Blessings, and many years of happiness to your baby brother-in-law and his wife!

Happy Easter!


Alison Gibbs said...

Love your gorgeous tags.
Have fun at the wedding.

Cheryl said...

You do such an awesome job on those tags!! I love 'em!

I wish your brother-in-law and his sister all the best. I love weddings, too! Have a great time.

Take care, Becky.


FourSistersInACottage said...

Hey Becca,
I am finally catching up with you on your blog. BOY I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING....all that paper stuff, I just can't help myself with that stuff!!!! LOL
Have fun at the some mints and cake for me please (that is my favorite part of the wedding...LOL)
Have a Wonderful Blessed Easter,
Love and Hugs,
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

Cheryl said...

OK, I meant "his wife" (not sister), lol. Man, I must be tired. Sorry about that.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Have a wonderful weekend at the wedding, sounds like a fun time being with family and all the happiness weddings bring!


~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

I love weddings! What a fun weekend you will have & your tags are WONDERFUL! I love the old vintage look of them. My youngest son is 23 - can't imagine him getting married! Enjoy your wedding weekend & Happy Easter!


Rosemary said...

Congrats on the wedding!! Have a happy wedding and a Happy Easter!

Linda said...

Love these precious wedding tags. Happiness to the future newlyweds and Happy Eater to you. Hugs, Linda

Sandra said...

Have a wonderful wedding!!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Have a wonderful time Becca! And happy Easter too!

Mary said...

Congratulations to your son. I wish him and his bride many years of happiness.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Becca! First of all, I have to tell you that I thought of you when I bought the little bird that I had on my last post. It is so you! These are out in some gift shops and the designer is Jennifer Murphy for Seasons at Cannon Falls.

Anywho, hope that the wedding was special and fun.

Happy Easter, too!

Becky said...

How sweet, and Easter weekend wedding. Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

I found you through Kathy's blog and your pics are beautiful! You have the cutest stuff! Just wanted to say hi and that I think your blog is great!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Congratualtions to your brother and his new bride!!!!
Happy Easter Becca!


Hi Becca,
I hope the wedding went beautifully and you all had a wonderful time.
And loving your tags sweetpea :)


Alice W. said...

So cute!

Mamma Millan said...

Hello...wish you a happy ester too
lovely things you show us!!!

Hugs Millan Sweden!!!!!

Lallee said...

Really sweet collection of wedding cards. Hope the wedding went well and you were able to enjoy amidst your back problem.

Kat said...

Love the pink roses, the cups, and the vintage cards. Your little niece is precious in her yellow dress! Have a wonderful week.
Mimi's Garden