Friday, September 19, 2008

Cottage Dreams

Every morning, I *entertain* my family with my dreams from the night before. I have quite vivid, detailed dreams, to which they would readily attest, since they have to listen to them each morning.

The other night, I dreamt that I had a blue cottage........

The dream began with me being young and single, looking for a home of my own. I found an absolutely charming little blue cottage. Blue with white trim. It was very small, and it was in need of some repair, but had so much potential of being just the cutest home ever!! The story was that an old movie called "The Enchanted Cottage" had been filmed there, many years ago, a fact which I found -- well, enchanting. The yard was small and quite manageable, with a cottage garden that would not take much work to restore to loveliness. The only drawback was that the house was in a very bad (unsafe) neighborhood. In my dream, I weighed out my decision ~ was the beautiful little blue house worth the risk? Ultimately, I decided that it was, and lived happily ever after, in the charming blue cottage (or at least until I woke up in the morning :)

Of course, in my dream, I decided to name my home, "The Enchanted Cottage". When I told Chris that part of my dream, he said "What? The Banshee Cottage?" No, NO, I replied, "The Enchanted Cottage"!!!!!! Men, they just don't get it!!

As I don't have a picture of the house from my dream to show you, I posted a picture of our little blue playhouse in its glory days. This picture was taken ten years ago at our backyard garden wedding. We moved the playhouse here with us, but it is in need of repair, just like the cottage in my dream. The other photos are from our garden here in the country.


ceekay said...

HI, thanks for stopping by. I have very vivid dreams also. Not every night, but my husband can't believe how strange they can be at times. I also will cry out, cry, and laugh during my dream without waking up!
Your blue play house is precious. Hope you can get it repaired so you can always have it!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Now that's a sweet dream! I guess husbands don't dream the way we do! Thanks for stopping by to see my new shop!

CIELO said...

If I can't have a real cottage, at least I want a cottage style garden shed like that! That's my dream! :)

have a lovely weekend!


bj said...

I am having the exact same problem with Blogger...can't save photos, can't edit...I have a few posts ready to go before the trouble..after that, I don't think I'll be able to do a post !!grrrrr

This little house is so precious! My daughter used to ALWAYS tell us her dreams at breakfast time and our son would just swear she made them up! haha

jeanne said...

Becca, I love your dream and the the little blue playhouse. I think you are a romantic person. Very attractive and sweet way to be. I bet you believe in fairies. Smile. Love your post.

Hugs, Jeanne

Amy said...

I totally love your dream about the Enchanted Cottage. Your dreams are like mine....very vivid. I actually sometimes hear music in my dreams too. Do you ever do that? I can't think of a more wonderful dream than having your own special cottage. Wonderful.....Amy :)

Pink Slippers said...

The part about your husband was so FUNNY. Sometimes I wonder what all our husbands would say if they got together, topic--having us running around the house taking 'pictures for my blog'.
I guess they think it is a woman thing. Wendy

Holly said...

Wow, you do have vivid dreams! I often have "movie" dreams with a plot and characters.

Love your play house. I wouls like one like that for my grand kids but I think I'll just have to convert the chicken coop!

~ Hearts ~

Sincerely Yours said...

Hi Becca! What I great dream! I'm usually lost in mine!lol I guess you must have been thinking too much about repairing your pretty blue playhouse?! I think you have a new name for your garden/house! I'm glad you didn't get any damage from Ike; I saw it just on the border of WV but never imagined Ohio would get hit as hard as it did! Love the candles and sometimes no tv is a good thing! Have a great weekend - Jeannette

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

This is really interesting! I bet your family has a blast with your dreams. THe little blue playhouse is really cute.

GardenGoose said...

the little blue playhouse is adorable.
stopping by also to invite you to join in the seed exchange event over at my blog. hope you'll join in.
have a great week.

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Why, that's MY dream! *snort*
How funny, banshee cottage, lol!
What a pretty post. I love the mums in front of the gate! I may have to copy!!

vivian said...

i got a kick out of your dream.. At least yours was somewhat of a sweet dream! I too have very vivid but extremely odd dreams!! People love to hear about them, but usually they make no sense at all, and they always seem to end rather abruptly when I sort of wake up and decide its just a dream and I dont have to be there anymore! I should start posting my dreams!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

What an "enchanting" dream! I wish I could have dreams like that!!!