Saturday, March 17, 2007

Look what I made in my *new* vintage Pyrex today ..... Banana Pudding...... my grandma used to make that for me when I was a little girl. mmmmm...... Want some?
Oh, and just a reminder, don't forget to sign up for my spring giveaway, if you haven't yet! Here's the link to that post:

(added Sunday) ~ Here is the recipe link for those of you that requested it...... pretty easy, and yummy too! Enjoy!! :)


bleintz said...

Becca- Your blog has so many darling pictures- all the roses & birds, a real cozy cottage look and feel. I think you might enjoy the blog of a friend of mine because your styles are so similiar:
Best, Beth

Naturegirl said...

This looks delicious! Where is the recipe! hugs NG

Mary said...

Hi Becca - just found you via sweet Allie "My Cozy Home" in MN.
Will be back to view your lovely pictures - hope you will visit me at ACROSS THE POND!

Allison said...

I do want some. It's beautiful and looks so wonderful in that pyrex dish. It's a great photo of it!
Allie from Minneapolis

Miranda said...

OOhhh, Yumm! Now I'm going to have a craving for Bananna Pudding :) Love the bowl!

Tammy said...

Recipe...I need the recipe...Hubby is standing over my shoulder watering at the mouth...I'm near about to drown!!
Loved the vintage bowl...that just makes it look even better!!

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Oh we love banana pudding! I am another reader who would LOVE your recipe! =)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I thought something looked familiar about that Pyrex when you first posted it.

Today I realized it is exactly like a set of nesting bowls I have (except they are white with blueish-aqua decorations)!

ShoezyCakes said...

Gosh, that looks far too gorgeous to eat!! I have to have a look around, your pictures are so fantastic. I missed a couple of days, and now I get to come back to all of this eye candy :D :D

Lee-ann said...

Becca I just found your blog page via another blogger friend and I am so pleased I did, your blog pages are filled with the very same vintage passion I have for thrift shop or as we call them second hand shop finds and I just love that you as I still use your grandmothers dishes.

I will be back for sure to visit you again and again from here in Australia.

Have a truly lovely day.....I would put my name down on your giveaway but seeing as it is my very first visit to your blog I didn't think it was right of me to do so.

I will see you again for sure...come visit me if you would care to see my "finds"


Beemoosie said...

Oh how lovely!!! My grandma always made banana pudding too!

Betty Jo said...

OMGosh! That pudding is just gorgeous. My mother used to make it all the time. Everyone at church demanded she bring it to every potluck. It is sooooooo beautiful in your Pyrex bowl. I want one of the Pyrex bowls, that shape, but with the Gooseberry design. Did you find yours on eBay? xoxo