Monday, March 19, 2007

Thrifting Treasures
(I really don't go thrifting every day -- honest!! :)
But I did stop in yesterday afternoon because my son needed something, and of course I picked up a few things. The small Victorian picture frame (which I can't seem to get enough of), a little pot of pink, white and lavender roses, two PINK enamel pans for the kitchen, and a sweet little plate that I bought simply because of the pretty colors.
I also bought these four dessert plates (bottom photo)...... on the back, they are marked "Quaker Girl Petit Point 23 kt. gold rim"....... they were ninety-nine cents each, and I have picked them up and looked at them on my last three visits to Goodwill. I decided to bring them home with me this time! The basket of flowers on them is made to look like needlework.
The rose picture, below, is now hanging in the dining room ~~ actually, I found this frame several months ago at Goodwill, and it had a picture in it I didn't care for, but I couldn't resist that gorgeous frame. I was going through some old pictures recently, and found this botanical print that I had hanging in the bathroom at our old house (it formerly had an ugly metal modern-type frame)...... I decided to see if it would fit in this frame, and of course, it was as if though they were made for each other! Don't you love it when things work out that way?


laffinpunkin said...

I LOVE the name of your blog! Thanks for visiting mine too! Boy, you hit the jackpot thriftin'! Love your goodies. I don't thrift everyday either but I wish I did, actually I wish it was worth it around here,ha! But we did go this weekend and I'll post some pix tomorrow of what I got, wasn't all that great tho except for 3 hooked rugs.
I'll put your link on my site, people will enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

I love your pink enamel's funny 'cuz I was in the thrift store today & picked up a little aqua-ish enamel pot. I put it back down & decided against it & then I did decide to get it & I am glad 'cuz it is too cute & pretty. That is the only enamel pot I have - I hope now I can find some more to keep it company.
I love your blog - this is my first post. I actually found it while doing a search for bluebirds because after years of thinking it would be neat to have some bluebirds in my kitchen (I have several embroidery patterns that I had been meaning to turn into dish towels & I thought now is the time)...I am kicking myself now because a few years ago I had seen the cutest ceramic bluebirds in a shop while visiting my sister. I really wanted some but I thought they were reproductions because there were so many & it wasn't an antique shop! Well, I called my sis last week & asked her to see if they still had them - that is when she informed me that the shop owner said they were long gone & went fast because they were vintage. Ack! Now I see those same cute birdies on eBay going for $100! Oh, well - live & learn. The other day I was in Goodwill finding neat stuff when a man next to me said, "look isn't this a nice mug?" or something like that. I looked & it was a blue ceramic mug & had bluebirds on it! I told him I was just starting to look for bluebirds & yes, it was a nice mug. Well, I did find a bluebird figurine (not the cute ones I like), but still kinda chubby & sweet this weekend at my fave thrift store.
Anyway, love your finds & photos...yep, I love pinks, aquas, basically vintage colors & vintage things - I also love doing "make-overs" on things to make them prettier in the home.
Thanks for sharing & inspiring!

Nancy Jo said...

I sometimes see those little plates that look like needlepoint, I think I saw a platter not to long ago.
Good job on framing that picture. I need to find another frame for a picture I got yesterday. I love those victorian type ones.
If you get time check out what I got yesterday, pretty good find!
How far is your thrift store from you? How often do you go? It seems I average about twice a week. Come the good weather I have to fit garage sales in. YIKES!! So far I always find a place for what I get, but how long can this go on?

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Everything is lovely! Have a great day! Claudia O.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Becca! I just LOVE that pink enamelware!!!! So cute!!

a pink-bee said...

So pretty, you find the best stuff goodwill shopping :)

Anonymous said...

Your pink pans are so neat! I don't think I've ever seen that color. You do find the coolest things.

Allison said...

You always find the best stuff. That pot is so cute! As are all of the other vintage lovelies that you found.

allie from minneapolis

Betty Jo said...

Everything is just gorgeous! I know people must think I thrift everyday too. Truth is I just find so much on each trip it takes me days to get it all posted to my blog. I adore the pink pans, and those dessert plates were definitely waiting and meant for you. The framed print is wonderful, and they were made for each other. I just love your blog!! xoxo

Rhoda said...

Thanks for visiting me, Becca! Love all your vintage finds...I'm a big thrifter too, but yardsaling is my favorite. Love finding goodies when you least expect it.

Southern Hospitality

see you there! said...

Wandering by and thought I'd stop to comment on the pink enamel. Cute, very cute. I wonder when it was made.


Donna said...

Wonderful things here. Isn't thrifting the best? I adore your pink enamelware :-)