Friday, March 30, 2007

Thrifting Style

I have a style ~ or method ~ to my thrifting. I do a quick pass-through of all the home goods aisles, quickly glancing over everything to see if anything catches my fancy. Then I go through each aisle again, more slowly this time, to make sure I did not overlook any treasures.
Well, yesterday, I was so glad I took the time to do the second walk-through, because look what I found! Isn't she darling?

She is still holding her original parasol; it is decorated with lace; look at the detail!

I think she is supposed to be holding something in her other hand, as it has a little hole in it like the other side. A bouqet, perhaps? A chain for a little poodle?
Her skirt has a lace overlay with sparkles.
Can you tell I'm quite fond of this little blondie?


Nancy Jo said...

She is really cute Becca, I do the same thing, race up and down the isles as soon I get there to buy anything that jumps out at me before its gone, then back and forth several times to really check things out. I went this morning and picked up a few things. Love the thrift store.

Susan P. said...

Oh my goodness, she is just exquisite, Becca! The detail is just so lovely. I loved hearing about your "thrift store" shopping methods!!

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

What a sweetie she is!!!! Debbie =)

La Tea Dah said...

She's cute! You know, this week I found a little gentleman figurine at a thrift shop that would go so nicely with her. In fact, I thought of you when I looked at it. Have you noticed when shopping how you think of other people when things remind you of them? I wish I'd know about this little beauty --- I'd have picked up the little man to match.

"Early Bird" said...

I suspect you could make her a nice little posy!

Peta said...

Love these old figurines, this looks like a Napco one and I bet she had a poodles lead in her hand!