Saturday, September 15, 2007

GO Bluebirds!!!!

For years, I have wanted a set of vintage bluebird "Days of the Week" towels. I finally found some on eBay that didn't go too high for me!! Yipppppeeeee! They arrived yesterday, and they are soft and wonderful!!
Here is "Saturday" on display in my kitchen today. Shall I bake a pie like this happy little bluebird? :)

Yesterday was a "good mail day", as I also received the prize I had won from Cerri at Little Pink Studio! It was so sweetly wrapped with pink ribbons......

It is a beautiful PINK vintage French baptismal favour cone, along with some gorgeous vintage millinery flowers. Thank you soooooooooo much, Cerri; it's so sweet and so are you!

I've placed it on my inspiration board for now.....

Remember this old frame that I bought at a yard sale earlier this year, and I said I was going to have my dh make it into an inspiration board for me (by adding cork to it)? ...... I LOVE it!!

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely weekend. It is a beautiful autumn-like day here, so I might have to get out the rest of my autumn decor!


Cheryl said...

Receiving such pretties in the mail would brighten anybody's day!! Yay!! for you!

Yes, it was a beautiful day today. I love days like today-cold enough for long sleeves or a light jacket and warm enough to go outside in the sunshine. Yay, sunshine!!

Rosemary said...

Those are adorable. I can see why you wanted them.
Love the pink cone. I bought some just like it from Lidy at french garden house. I spied the little card I sent you on your board. It looks really cute.
Have a great weekend!
I love good mail days!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

That little bluebird towel is the sweetest thing ever! And you have a whole set? Wow!

It was a beautiful autumn-like day here, too. Perfect clear blue sky.

Kimberly :)

Laurie said...

Oh Becca I am so happy you found your bluebird towels. My MIL loves bluebirds to and I am always on the look out for bluebird treasure for her. Your towels are so pretty!


Kathleen Grace said...

Becca, congratulations on your set of towels! They are lovely:>) I loe the pink cone yu won too! So pretty on your board. We are enjoying some beautiful weather too, this time of year is so nice.

Back Through Time said...

Oh what a sweet blue bird towel!! I bet that just made your day when you won them! I love your pics.
Michelle said...

Your wallpaper pack is in the mail! Hope you enjoy it.

Stephanie said...

How wonderful to find a complete set of the lttle DOW tea towels! Lucky you! Also love the little cone & inspiration board!!

Angelic Accents

Sweet Remembrance said...

Becca...Everytime a I see a bluebird I think of you!
Love the towel, too sweet!
Your pink cone is so precious...I ordered some & can't wait to get them!

Joyce at Salisburys Corner said...

those towels are just gorgeous, love the memory board and that holder is just divine

buttercup & roses said...

I love it when the postie delivers goodies in the post, its a great way to start the day!

Jennifer x