Thursday, September 20, 2007

My son the Banana.
You know what? I like my boys. It's a given that I love my children -- which I do with all my heart -- but I also LIKE them.
Brad makes me laugh. He doesn't take himself too seriously. He's a good student, but he also knows how to have fun. Like deciding to walk around in a banana suit for no apparent reason.
Go Bananas!!

6 comments: said...

Aren't sons the best thing ever??

Cheryl said...

He looks like he was meant to be a banana. Just kidding. He plays the part well. He is so funny!! Love it!

jules said...

Children make me laugh all the time, I think its because they have no inhibitions and there is nothing nicer than a child who carries on with what they are doing and not caring about onlookers and what people may think. Innocence id only it could last


Rosemary said...

Hi Becca,
Your son has a great sense of humor. I love that. Girls are so serious.
Have a fun weekend!

Lallee said...

What did Dottie make of him? LOL

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

How sweet is that? I have three boys myself and love them to bits!