Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Goodbye, Summer......

Dottie is sad to see summer go........ I'm not sure where she spent winters before, but I think she's a bit worried about the snow here -- could it be that she's afraid she will blend in and get lost? :)

Yep, Dottie's a bit pale, but she always wears her sunscreen!

What do you think of this bikini? Have you ever seen a flannel bikini? We hadn't. And perhaps never will again. Another Goodwill special!

Dottie was enjoying the last bit of summer so much, that she wouldn't even move from this bench when we mowed the lawn, so she has grass clippings on her legs and feet.

Brad thinks it's time to shop for a fall jacket for Dottie..... she probably will want to go to the football games with him and his friends........

On another note, I've been tagged to play the middle name game by Lisa Here's how it's played:You take the letters of your middle name to use words to describe yourself.

Okay, sounds easy! My middle name is Lynne; here goes!

L - "L" is for Linens, of course! I love linens, especially vintage embroidered ones with bluebirds or roses!

Y - "Y" is for Why do half the people I know have the same middle name as I do? (Okay, different kind of "y", but I'm taking a little creative license here! ;) It must have been a quite popular name back in nineteen-sixty-(mumble-mumble-inaudible year)

N -is for "Nice". I LIKE being nice to people. Oprah once said that she didn't want to be described as "nice" because it was boring. Well, I disagree. I like it!!

N -is for "Nutty". What fun would life be if we couldn't be a little nutty now and then? (Said the woman who just posted a picture of a mannequin in a flannel bikini)

E -is for "Enough" as in enough of this; I can't think of anything else! So much for it being easy!

I think most of you in Blogland have been tagged for this already, but if not, consider yourself thus tagged!


Counting Your Blessings said...

Your mannequin is great! I was thinking... wouldn't she look great with some rose tattoos? Or is that too nutty?? Blessings... The other middle name "Lynn"

Cheryl said...

Too funny!!

I ask, "if people don't think a person is nice then what are they?" Just wondering because I think nice is good, so if nice is boring, then yay! boring. Y, I think nice is a very good way to describe you and the other "n" word is great,too.:-)

A great post, Becky!!

A Thing for Roses said...

You are so cute! Loved your post. Thanks for being a good sport about the middle name game. I agree about what you said about being called nice. I like it too.

Lallee said...

Becca, your middle name meme was fun to read. I agree~nice is nice! and you are.

I'm glad Dottie is using her sunscreen. She doesn't want to hear one of my lectures. As for the bikini, she sure looks a lot better in it than I would. No, I don't think I've ever seen one in flannel.

Lori said...

Just when I thought today would be dull out pops Dotty! She is so pale. But I seems she's gotton what has she been up to? Was wondering what will she be for Halloween? Lori

Rosemary said...

Yes, Dottie is going to get cold soon.
Love your middle name game.


Hi Becca, Dottie could come & visit Australia during the winter (our summer) then she would still be warm. We would make sure she wears her sunscreen-lol. And a hat!
Hugs, Coll :-}

Becky said...

Hi Becca! I agree with Lallee on the sunscreen bit! You would not want to spend the money on dermatolgy bills! Love the bikini ~ kind of Eddie Bauer like...just need to add some hiking boots - then she'd be punk-beachy-retro stylin' to the max! BTW, I received my lovely tags today and thank you for the adorable Scotty Dog tag! Love them all! xo, Becky

Marja Kristiina said...

Poor Dottie. I'm sure that a flannel bikini will start to sag horribly when wet ;-).

The middle name game was great; I considered myself tagged right away!

Take care, Becca! And please continue being nice, there's absolutely nothing boring about it.

warm regards, Marja

Mom2fur said...

A flannel bikini makes about as much sense as those sleeveless turtleneck sweaters.
Your middle name is very pretty! I think Oprah was mistaken when she said she doesn't want to be called 'nice.' That's a title I'd wear with pride!

Jules said...

Hi love your Dottie does she stay outside or come in too,i myself have a Cynthia as i thought she looked like one,my husband says she has no head how can she look like a cynthia/I dont care (sj=he is a headless shop mANNEQUIN ANS I ADORE HER,SHe has a wooden stand and wears a hat she is just head challenged and well we none of us are perfect right.
Dottie i can tell has a quirky sense of humour and go the flannel bikini.

Jill Monroe said...

That flannel bikini is a riot!