Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My May Basket for Heather

Those of you involved in the May Basket Swap have probably already seen this, but for those who haven't, I promised to show today the basket I made for Heather.
I was delighted to be paired up with Heather for this swap, because she and I both share a love of vintage things. Her favorite color is aqua! So it was fun to put together this basket with aqua elements (and a little muted pink too of course!)

When I saw this old picture in an antique shoppe, I knew it would be perfect nestled in Heather's basket (I found out later she collects children's portraits! :)

This vintage butterfly rhinestone pin was just the thing to add a finishing touch to the old lace I used around the base of the basket. The lace was in an old trunk we had bought at auction.
This little birdie is nesting in an old aqua cup ~ I painted the birdie a bit so he would be the right color ~ I don't think he minded! :)
When I brought this ribbon home, it was a little too *new* looking, so I aged it before making this bow, and it became one of my favorite elements of the basket. Vintage flowers and bits of torn lace complete the look.

I had so much fun participating in this swap, and I want to thank ArtsyMama for hosting it, and of course thank my wonderful swap partner Heather once again. If you haven't yet seen the beautiful basket she bestowed upon me, have a look at yesterday's post!
And if you are thinking of participating in a blogging swap, I would highly recommend you do so, it is lots and LOTS of fun!! :)


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Oh Miss Becca! What amazingly gorgeous baskets you both sent and recieved!! I must join one of these wonderful swaps someday!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Absolutely breathtaking. I LOVE the butterfly pin too, very pretty!

a bit of pink heaven said...

Absolutely lovely! I have tagged you for some fun. Go to my blog to find out!

see you there! said...

Your basket for the swap is really beautiful. Thanks for showing us the individual components as well as the filled basket.

Everyone seems to be having fun with this swap. I know I've enjoyed it if only from the viewing sidelines.


Sharon Kay said...

The basket is so lovely and I am sure she will enjoy. I love the picture, the flowers and of course the bird. Good job..

Southern Heart said...

How beautiful! You are so talented, in both your choices, and in putting it all together. That is just gorgeous!



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Shannon :)

thriftshopromantic said...

Really beautifully done! I can imagine anyone receiving such a basket would be tempted to just leave it intact and not separate any of the items.

I just participated in a cottage decorating swap myself, and it was a great joy. Funny how the internet just continues to enable the spread of great ideas.

Nancy Jo said...

HEY!! I want to be your swap partner. What a nice gift you made up for Heather. So so pretty.

Michele said...

You are to funny! I am so boring I had to put the fluff thing down. And it's true I really do hate the other word. It's so good to know there are others out there that hate it too.:)

Susan Tuttle said...

Gorgeous contents! Gorgeous photos!


Lallee said...

Everything is beautiful. I'm sure Heather considers herself luckiest of all to have had you as her swap partner.


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I absolutely LOVE that basket and the contents!! Good thing I don't know where Heather lives, I might sneek over there and grab it!! LOL!