Thursday, May 03, 2007


I've been tagged by Sonia, Shannon, and Ele, to list seven weird/random facts or habits about myself. Do you really want to know how weird I am? Well, here goes!

I attach "feelings" to inanimate objects. I've always done this. I thought my stuffed animals were alive, which might not be so unusual for a five year old, but I didn't outgrow it. My older brother tried to prove me wrong by throwing my teddy bear HARD against the ceiling, while saying in a taunting voice, "You think he's still alive now? Huh? You think he's still alive NOW??!!!" (he really was a good brother, but they all have their moments :) And I still give inanimate objects feelings...... like the last cookie on the plate. I'll say to myself "Poor little cookie is feeling lonely, he feels bad that all the other cookies were chosen to be eaten....." well, I can't just leave him on the plate feeling like that, can I? ;)

I'm both a morning and a night person. I love to stay up late, no matter how early I have to get up the next day. But then I'm also a morning person, and can be annoyingly chipper and talkative in the mornings.

In the grocery store, I never buy the first item on the shelf........ I have to reach behind the first box of spaghetti, etc., to get the second one that hasn't yet been "exposed". Weird, but my guys all know to never take the first one. (I also have trouble taking the last one -- "why is it still there? Is there something wrong with it?" -- I guess I should use Weird Fact #1 and tell myself it is lonely! :)

I have trouble pronouncing the words "conscious" and "conscience" differently from one another. I know how they should be pronounced, but I still have trouble getting them to come out right.

I am scared of the movie Wizard of Oz. It terrified me as a child, and to this day, I cannot stand to watch it.

I am a germophobic. I have this huge routine I follow if I have to use a public restroom. I don't want to touch anything, and certainly not after I've washed my hands. So I roll out the paper towels, then turn the water on and wash, then use that paper towel to turn off the water and to get another paper towel to dry on, which I then use to open the door, because people that have not washed their hands have touched that doorknob on their way out...... hey, it makes perfect sense to me!

I think mascots are hilarious!! Or anything that's dressed up in a mascot-type outfit. They are always smiling, no matter what is going on. Have you seen the clip of the (guy dressed up as a) Giant Taco, who falls down at a ball game and can't get back up because -- well, because he's a Giant Taco. But he's still smiling as he's trying to upright himself. Or the Huge Dinosaur that was at the Auto Sale, and the wind was blowing so hard that his inflatabale head was folded over by his shoulders -- but he still had this HUGE grin permanently drawn on his face? My youngest and I were rolling on the floor, in hysterics. (yes, he finds them hilarious too, which makes it even funnier! :)

So, there you go! Seven weird/random things about me. And I tag anyone who hasn't yet been tagged, that wants to play!


Merci-Notes said...

Love your weirdnesses ( this is a new word I have made especially for all of us)! Becca...we have another similarity! I like to roll down the paper towels before I wash my hands and I like to roll some out for when the next person comes along...that is it though. Wizord of OZ cringe! My sister had to watch it every year!!! I hid under the pillows when" you know who" came along!! ( It was worse if it was on in the house and I didn't watch it).
This was so fun to read!!! Have agreat night!
With Kindness,

Stephanie said...

Becca, I especially understand your grocery store "can't take the one in front" weirdness. Me, too!
This has been a fun game.

Hey, visit my blog to see the little santa I got from you a few Christmases ago!



ok i definately get the whole first item thingy. I cannot take the first straw from a straw container (like at Mcdonalds).
And the witch in The Wizard of Oz is just creepy!!!

oh and i can just see you sitting there talking to that poor cookie....ha ha i laughed so hard at that one :)


Susan Tuttle said...

You and I have some things in common! I know what you mean about assigning "feelings" to inanimate objects--that started when I was little and fell in love with this stuffed mouse at a dept. store--sort of a Corduroy drama--lol! I also love to stay up late--doesn't matter if I have to get up early, just like you.

Thanks for sharing--I enjoyed your list!


PEA said...

Wow are you weird!! hehe Just teasing! I so enjoyed reading this list...isn't it funny how we think or do things that seem perfectly normal to us?? lol xox

FrostingsNSparkles said...

I totally do the inanimate objects thing too!! ROFL

Anita said...

I might be weird because I don't like to be tagged... ;-)))

I just found your little birdie in its nest at your previous post. What a wonderful basket!

Have a great week-end!
Anita from My Country Cottage Garden in Germany

P.S.: Sorry that you did not win my Easter drawing seeds. I really would have loved to share my seeds with all of you - if the shipping was for free! ;-))

Nancy Jo said...

Funny Becca. The thing is, most of it seems pretty normal to me. Wonder what that means?

Sharon Kay said...

Wow Becca now I know you much better and enjoyed your weird post...hehe

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I had a good laugh about all the things on your list! I'm getting to know you much better now! LOL!


Stephanie said...

Hi Becca! Who is the precious little girl on this post?


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Becca, My friend just finished nursing school and they did cultures of the door handles on is the most germ infested part!!! You are smart girl!

I also was so afraid of the wizard of oz. It is so scary! loved all of your weirdness! Heather