Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Cinderella Story

Pictured is one of my Christmas gifts from my dear husband -- a set of vintage cake decor, featuring Cinderella, her prince, and carriage.

I collect Cinderella items because of portraying Cinderella in a 2nd grade play. Here is the story.

In reality, I was a freckle-faced seven-year old, but in my own little over-confident mind, I was a beauty! I won the role of Cinderella, and truly thought I was a princess! My teacher sewed a dress of yellow *silk* (Cinderella, dressed in yellow)....... I had sparkly (plastic) shoes and a glittery crown made of paper. My carriage was a little toy wagon, on the front of which had been glued a large cardboard pumpkin cutout!

In the play, we sang and danced.......... A little boy who had a crush on me was the prince, and when he asked me to marry him and I gave a very flat "yes", the audience chuckled at my lack of enthusiasm! (I, in turn, had a crush on the little boy who played one of the prince's footmen -- talk about second-grade scandals! ;)

Being in that play is one of my favorite childhood memories. Unfortunately, my parents did not own a very good camera at the time (and hardly anyone had movie cameras in those days), and the few pictures they took didn't turn out well. Therefore, I must rely on my memory for pictures of this special time! (besides, I grew up to live my own true-life fairy tale with my wonderful husband, who provided a horse-drawn carriage for his *Cinderella* on our wedding day, as you've seen in some of my previous posts!)


Yellow Roses said...

I love your Cinderella story! You are truly a princess! I enjoyed seeing you and your prince in your wedding photos!


Anonymous said...

Becca, I thought of your fairy-tale wedding right away. What a special gift from your prince charming! What a fond memory for you--the play and your wedding.