Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Things are getting back in place after the holidays....... this table was put back where the 9 ft. Victorian tree stood in the living room...... The lamp was a gift from my parents many years ago; the picture is a little card I framed out, and the teacup & saucer were a gift from a friend in a Christmas Secret Santa exchange (thank you, Joy!)


Anonymous said...

Very pretty, Becca. I love the lamp. I have a similiar one --- although mine is a pale green with white roses --- it once belonged to my parents and is now treasured at my house --- sitting on a table by the front window. I love all your pretties!

Anonymous said...

Becca, thank you for stopping by my site and posting a comment about my laundry room. I'm sure you really do treasure the cabinets made by your Dad.

I've enjoyed looking at your beautiful treasures...I'll be back again soon!

JOY LYNN said...

that teacup looks sweet on the table........now do you want the story behind the cup??? LOL you know me everything has a history