Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Childhood Dishes

Cleaning out an old dresser recently yielded lots of hidden treasures. Among them were my childhood dishes, pictured above. They are little china dishes with dark pink roses on them. The set started out somewhat larger, but when you are three, things happen (such as deciding my tea pot would enjoy a ride on my tricycle! :)
I am thankful these few survive........ I know that I enjoyed many hours of play with them....... my mother tells that I would often come out to the kitchen where she was working, and invite her to a party. She would ask what I was serving, and I would always say "cake and salad."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving your beautiful comment on my blog. I can just imagine how beautiful all those fireflies must look in your fields! I looked quickly through your beautiful blog and I have to comment on your lilac that is amazing. They don't grow that well in California but I'm hoping for some blooms this year.