Thursday, January 04, 2007

A New Little Bear

I found this little bear today at an after-Christmas clearance sale. She was around six dollars. She is wearing ivory cream attire, with a *fur* hat and muff.
I think she looks quite appropriate for January, so I will leave her displayed for awhile.


Anonymous said...

very cute!

just wondering what do you do with things after you display them for a while? do you set things aside somewhere in a box somewhere and put away until you might need it again?
I never know what to do, so i end up leaving things displayed but end up not liking it after a while and then just giving it away to a charity.
would you suggest putting it away until I find use for it again?
just wondering =)
Thanks I love all your posts and pictures!

--Candy from Canada

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Hi Candy! This little bear will probably eventually be packed away with my Christmas decor, but as for my other decor, I display a lot at one time..... I like lots of *pretties* to enjoy..... but if I tire of it, I either change it to another room, or box it away for awhile and then bring it out to enjoy at a later date. Giving to charity is a great idea too, which is what I often do when an item just no longer "goes with" my decor. Thanks so much for visiting my blog & for your kind comments! Please do come back again!

Yellow Roses said...

She's a cutie! What's her name?


Anonymous said...

Yes, very seasonal attire - and so sweet! Clare x

Anonymous said...

Thanks =)

Candy from Canada

Anonymous said...

What a cute bear and for a good bargain, too!

Once again I want to say how much I enjoy your blog. Your photos add so much beauty to my day.